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Slide Marathons, not sprints. Although quick wins are always fun, creating long-lasting relationships require constant improvements
Slide SMBs and corporates We’re helping Small businesses grow, and big companies increase profitability Slide Charities
Charities are the beating heart of humanity, and we take big pride in servicing them
We are a team of Marketing

We are a team of marketing specialists, passionate about making the world a better place. Our way of doing it is to make sure that the clients we’re choosing provide real value to their customers and to work with as many charities as we can. A percentage of our income is being donated regularly to causes we care about (we have a meeting on the last Thursday of every month, where each of us votes for the charity they want).


We love what we do, we are results-oriented, and we work hard for our clients. That’s why we keep growing at the pace that we do, and that’s why our clients stay with us for as long as they do.

Projects We’re Proud Of

Our Team

One person can be good at many things, but one person can’t be the best at more than a couple of them. That’s why even though each of us has our own specialty, we are constantly consulting with each other about almost everything because there’s no way of knowing where the next great idea will come from. Learn more about the people behind Lachi Media>>

Content Writer

Our content writer. more than 20 years of experience in research and content writing.

Etsy Specialist

Our Etsy Specialist. Sarah is obsessed with everything Tolkien

PPC Specialist

Our PPC Specialist. Martin can play any song he listens to on almost...

Head of Finance

Our Head of Finance. Ferdinand can speak 6 languages fluently

SEO Magician

Our SEO Magician. Alexandra is known for eating a pizza the other way around – crust first.

Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Designer. Vitali can tell a 20-minute story in 90 seconds without leaving a single important detail.

Product Manager

Product Manager. Andrea loves math riddles, can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 60 seconds


As soon as we started working with them, we felt an improvement. We started getting more leads and more sales. But then they suggested some improvements to our sales pitch. They started working closely with our sales agents and we started converting the leads into sales a lot better. They call themselves a marketing agency, but they're a lot more than that.

Just before we started working together they told us that they love working non-profits, and we didn't believe them. Today, after a year we can vouch for that. Lachi Media proved more than once that they are committed to making the world a better place, just as much as we are.

Highly recommended, we hired them for a one-time consult about 2 years ago and ended up working together to this day.

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